Honda Dealer Serving Petaluma, CA is at Manly Honda

Hey, Petaluma, CA! Ready for a Fresh Take on the Honda Experience? Meet Manly Honda!

Guess what, Petaluma? Your search for the perfect Honda just got a whole lot easier! Manly Honda, right here in Santa Rosa, is amped to roll out the red carpet for our Petaluma neighbors. You're just a short drive away from snagging the Honda of your dreams!

Honda Heaven Is Just Around the Corner from Petaluma!

Looking for the hottest wheels in town? Manly Honda has your back with an unbeatable selection of Honda models. Whether it's the rugged Honda CR-V calling your name or the ultra-efficient Civic catching your eye, we’ve got it all. And hey, eco-warriors, our lineup of Accord and CR-V Hybrids is bound to get your green thumbs up!

Not Just a Team - We're Your Honda Buddies!

Forget everything you know about car salespeople. Our crew at Manly Honda breaks the mold! We’re all about chill vibes, open chats, and making sure you score the car that's just right for you. No pressure, no stress - just your pals in Petaluma helping you make the magic happen.

Financing That Doesn’t Freak You Out? Yep, We Do That!

Numbers not your jam? No sweat! The finance gurus at Manly Honda make crunching numbers a breeze. We'll hook you up with some sweet deals and specials that'll have you wondering why you didn't cruise by sooner. Petaluma, we're here to put those car-buying jitters to rest!

Kickstart Your Hassle-Free Pre-Approval!

Service That Wows? Oh, We’ve Got It!

Keep your Honda happy right here at Manly Honda! Our top-tier service center near Petaluma is the go-to spot for your car's TLC. From routine check-ups to "Oops, I hit a pothole!" moments, we’ve got you covered. And with easy online Honda Service booking and scheduling and awesome Honda service specials and coupons, what's not to love?

Doing Good, Driving Green - That’s How We Roll!

More than just a dealership, we're your neighbors! Manly Honda is stoked to be part of the Petaluma community vibe. We're in on all the cool local events and sustainability is totally our thing. Check out our range of hybrids and EVs - cool for you and kind to Mother Earth!

What's the Holdup, Petaluma? Let’s Do This!

Ready to rock that car-buying journey? Manly Honda in Santa Rosa can't wait to meet ya! Swing by for a visit, share a high-five, and let's get you cruising the Petaluma streets in style. Your ultimate Honda experience is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Let’s make it happen together!

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