Drive Belt Replacement

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Drive Belt Replacement Service Savings Near Petaluma, CA

The drive belt, also known as the serpentine belt, connects the crankshaft to many of the vehicle’s accessories using several pulleys. It powers the alternator, water and power steering pump, air-conditioning compressor, among many others. Without it, these various equipment won’t have power and will fail to run or be very difficult to operate.

It’s usually rated to last for at least three years or between 60,000 to 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Unfortunately, there are only a few warning signs before the drive belt snaps, so don’t be caught in the middle of the road with a broken one. If that happens, it’s game over.

If you wish to inspect and determine the status of your drive belt, here are the things to look out for:

  • Cracks on the drive belt and missing pieces
  • Chirping or squeaking from the drive belt

Be mindful of the drive belt’s lifespan and your mileage to make sure your vehicle stays on the road and not on the bed of a tow truck. Come see us at Manly Honda in Santa Rosa so we can properly assess the status of your drive belt today.

To ensure quality service, always bring it to a reputable service center like the one we have here at Manly Honda in Santa Rosa. Our service technicians are trained and certified to properly assess the current quality of your drive belt.

When Do You Get Drive Belt Replacement Service?

Imagine losing power steering while driving your one-ton or more vehicle. You’ll have to rely on pure muscle power just to pull over to the curb. That’s just one of the possible consequences should your drive belt snap in the middle of a drive.

You may also lose air-conditioning or, worse, overheat and cause the engine block to crack. Now that’s major damage that will require hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair bills.

If your check engine or check battery light comes on, your engine overheats, or you lose air-conditioning, these may be symptoms that your drive belt is already in trouble.

Avoid all that hassle by booking an appointment with us here at Manly Honda in Santa Rosa. Our expert technicians will look at your drive belt and tell you right away if it already needs replacement.

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Schedule Drive Belt Replacement Service at Manly Honda in Santa Rosa

The drive belt is a vital part of your vehicle. If it breaks, various essential equipment will cease to function. The result is either a very uncomfortable drive or, worse, a broken-down vehicle.

Don’t wait for this to happen because aside from the hassle, there’s the possibility of further damages that could run your repair bill up to the thousands.

We have great prices on drive belts for all U.S. market Honda models. Don’t hesitate to come over to our service center near Petaluma, CA. Our certified technicians will examine your vehicle’s drive belt to determine if it needs replacement.

Come see us at Manly Honda in Santa Rosa today or call 707-526-2722 to book a service appointment.


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