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FAQ on Getting Brake Service in Santa Rosa, CA

You never want to be driving in Santa Rosa, CA, or anywhere else if your brakes are failing. Driving on poor brakes can compromise your safety and that of other people on the road. You could put yourself and others in a dangerous situation if your brakes aren’t working properly. Of all the maintenance and service you need to perform on your car, this is among the most important.

Fortunately, a skilled technician can replace the worn-out pad or other components that might be having problems. There are also signs and clues that your brakes may be failing. When you notice these issues happening, you should bring your vehicle to the service department at Manly Honda. The dedicated service team will inspect your brakes to determine whether to replace them or whether they have some more miles in them.

You can find affordable service at the dealership. Don’t put off service when your brakes are wearing out or having issues. You can then have peace of mind that you can stop effectively and drive safely.


How is Brake Service Done? When you take your car to the Manly Honda service department, the certified technician will look at the thickness of the brake pads. The technician will also check out the calipers and rotors to see whether they are still in good condition. If the pads have worn down below a safe level, the technician will replace them.
How Long Do Brakes Last? Brake pads will usually last at least 30,000 miles; however, some pads can last as many as 70,000 miles. As for calipers, they can last more than 100,000 miles. Rotors usually have around 70,000 miles of life. These mileage numbers depend on your vehicle and your driving habits too.
How Often Should You Do Brake Service? You should replace your pads between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. Taking your car to a professional for an inspection should occur at least every year.
What Are the Signs That Your Brakes Are Going Bad? Age is not the only way to determine whether you need brake service. You can listen for certain sounds, including squealing or screeching. When you hear these sounds, you should take your brakes in for maintenance soon. More serious noises include grinding or crunching, which means the metal is rubbing on metal. You need service right away. If your brakes are failing, you may also notice that you have to brake harder to stop.
Where Should You Do Brake Service? With something as important as your brakes, you don’t want to trust maintenance and replacements to just anyone. A certified technician at Manly Honda has the skill and training to properly assess the health of your brakes and replace them when necessary.

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Affordable brake service is a reality when you come to Manly Honda in Santa Rosa, CA. Bring your vehicle in when you know your brakes are struggling and have issues. Review the FAQ portion here and determine whether your brakes need attention.


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