Information On Tire Alignments

FAQ on Getting a Tire Alignment in Santa Rosa, CA

You can judge a car by its tires. This is because you won’t have a good time driving if the tires aren’t up to par. Because of this, you must maintain good tire condition. Having them rotated, balanced, and occasionally aligned is a good idea every few thousand miles.

Maintaining your car’s peak performance requires regular maintenance, including wheel alignments. Tires with improper alignment will degrade at different rates. In addition to reducing fuel efficiency, this can make steering difficult and even lead to tire failure.

With this list of frequently asked questions, Manly Honda in Santa Rosa, CA, will help you decide if you need an alignment. Schedule a service with us if you do, and we’ll get your alignment back to top-notch shape.

  • What Happens During a Tire Alignment?

A technician will take readings from the car’s suspension and use them to generate a unique alignment plan. The plan is customizable based on your car’s year, model, and mileage.

The mechanic will make the necessary suspension adjustments to your vehicle. Your tires’ camber, caster, and toe angles may need adjustment. The technician may also adjust the suspension height of your car.

After making any necessary adjustments, the technician will typically print out a report for review. This report will show how well your vehicle’s alignment has increased over time.

  • When Should I Get an Alignment?

Car tires should have proper alignment to ensure a smooth ride and even tread wear. A misaligned vehicle is harder to steer, wears tires faster, and can cause safety issues.

The following are all good times to get an alignment:

  • When you first get a new car
  • After an accident
  • If your steering wheel is crooked
  • If you notice your car drifting
  • How Does an Alignment Affect the Steering Wheel?

Your tires’ alignment may be off if the steering wheel is off center. This is something that you can correct by having a tire alignment service.

  • If My Tires Are Misaligned, Does It Affect My Gas Mileage?Low gas mileage is one symptom of misaligned tires. Misalignment will cause the vehicle to veer to the left or right. Gas consumption will increase because of the tires’ increased resistance.

    If your car is slightly out of alignment, you might not notice a drop in fuel economy. However, in the case of a particularly severe issue, you might see a marked decline.

  • Where Can I Get Tire Alignment Service?Manly Honda is the place to go if you need your tires aligned. Our staff of skilled mechanics is here to adjust the alignment of your tires quickly and accurately. Bring your car to us, and we will provide you with high-quality, efficient service.
  • Schedule Tire Alignment at Manly Honda

    You’re probably like many drivers in that you don’t give your car’s alignment much thought until something seems wrong. When it’s too late, it’s often costly to fix the problem.

    Thus, we recommend you get your annual tire alignment at Manly Honda in Santa Rosa, CA. If your car has been having trouble turning or moving around, this is something you should check out. Make an appointment with us for tire alignment service and see what difference it can make.

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