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Honda Ranks #1 on Consumer Reports' List of Top Automakers

Every year, automakers receive their annual report card from industry- and customer-acclaimed Consumer Reports. For some automakers, such as Honda (who "still make[s] the best vehicles overall" according to Consumer Reports' April issue), this offers the opportunity to proudly show off their A+ aptitude to potential car buyers. For others, it's a time consumed with trying to keep their scores from potential buyers.

Luckily/unluckily for automakers, Consumer Reports scores are never graded on a curve like some of our fifth-grade math tests were. Rather, they are carefully calculated based on the car manufacturer's predicted reliability rankings, current model lineup, and performance of the models evaluated by Consumer Reports' engineers.

Honda's 2011 Consumer ReportsReport Card (includes Acura)

-    Overall Score: 74
-    Average Test Score: 75
-    Reliability: Very Good
-    Tested Vehicle Recommended: 76%
-    Most are reliable and well-rounded performers. Hondas usually handle well but suffer from road noise.
-    Highs: Ride, handling, powertrains, controls, crash-test results
-    Lows: Road noise

As you can see, Honda's received a glowing report card with little room for improvement.  That said, Honda is constantly striving to elevate driver's experience. We're certain they'll take Consumer Reports' feedback as constructive and expect to see an even better overall score next year.

If you're interested to learn more about Honda's award-winning lineup, please contact Manly Honda Santa Rosa. Located at 2750 Corby Ave Santa Rose, CA 95407, we're happy to help!

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