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The Honda N Box

Honda is planning a "super-minivan", smaller than the Honda Fit from Manly Honda Santa Rosa located at 2750 Corby Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95407.

It will first sell overseas, and then the N Box (which is not a video game system) might make it to North America.

N Box is made from 90% recyclable material, and will feature "one of the largest interiors among all mini-vehicles currently on the market." The car provides ample space for its passengers, while not cheaping out on creature comforts like seating and optional infotainment extras. The auto maker even designed a new suspension for the vehicle, to improve road reaction.1

Honda has developed a new DOHC engine as well, matted to CVT transmission. No word yet on MPG ratings, but the car will reportedly achieve "stellar" fuel economy. With the adoption of the idle stop mechanism, it will attained top fuel economy in its class.

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